What Oklahoma City Raccoons Do in Winters? Do They Hibernate?

In the winter season, most of the wild Oklahoma animals hide in the dens and enjoy hibernation. It is observed that they keep on collecting more food in the summer season to fill their dens and then live inside for a long time without wondering out to collect food. Some of these animals are believed to reduce their body fat in the winter season even without exhausting the stored energy of their body. But this is not the case with raccoons. They follow quite different approach in the winter season. Experts reveal that raccoons stay active throughout the year as they do not go for hibernation period.

Oklahoma City raccoons are tiny creatures that take help from their little paws to handle things around. Many people even fall in love with their innocent faces. But in actual they are quite dangerous and are capable enough to kill other innocent animals as well. When they visit human habitat, they never miss a chance to mess with pets like dogs and cats around. Homeowners are also worried about their frequent attacks on garden and yard area where they cause major destruction. Raccoon infestation is usually popular in the summer season, but these creatures can also be found in the winter season. You can often observe them in gardens, homes, towns, and cities as well.

It is observed that raccoons keep on wandering around in the summer season, but they preferably return to their dens in the winter season. They prefer to hide inside dens just to make sure that intense cold weather cannot harm their body. They stay in curled position to ensure warmth and their body metabolism keep on reducing. They live in dens for a longer duration, sometimes for weeks and even for months as well. Raccoons do not prefer to come out in the winter season, but it doesn’t mean that you cannot see them out in this season. They can come out whenever they feel that the weather outside is good for them.

It is common to see raccoons moving around your house throughout the year. Whether it is summer or winter season, it is important to take steps to scare these creatures out of your property. They are also responsible for causing harm to your pets and can steal their food as well. The most terrible thing to know about raccoons is that they also carry harmful disease viruses that can be transferred to humans and pets around. If you are in trouble due to these wild animals; it is important to take steps to take them out.

We advise you to take help from professionals to capture raccoons from your premises. They know the right techniques to deal with wild animals and can help you to avail permanent relief from their attack. They prefer to use humane methods to deal with these creatures. In most cases, they install live cage traps in the area to capture raccoons and carry them away to save your house.

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