What is the best bait to trap an Oklahoma City opossum?

You might wonder what bait is effective when trying to trap an Oklahoma opossum. Read this article in order to know some of the effective baits for these wary creatures.

You might see a single opossum lurking inside your kitchen and trying to open your cereal boxes. You should be worried since a single opossum can mean that your house is vulnerable to rodent infestation.

Reason to get rid of Oklahoma City opossums
The main reason why you need to get rid of opossums is they are wild animals. They can do a lot of property damage inside your house and they are not ideal housemates. They can eat food that is left unattended on countertops or your garbage cans. They can gnaw at wires and furniture on your attics. The gnawing can start a fire or cause irreparable damage to the antique drawers in your house

Here are some of the best baits that work for opossums
Since opossums are omnivores, the can eat anything that they perceive as food. They are very opportunistic when it comes to food and they rarely choose what to eat. They can enjoy a plethora of fruits and vegetables in one’s backyard if you leave them alone. They tend to be attracted to foods that are sweet smelling like oils and meats. The best baits include apples, fishes, canned pet food, and aniseed oil on bread.

One of the most important thing that you need to do is to set effective traps. All of the food will be useless if you are not able to catch an opossum. The best place to set traps is on the very edge of the cage and near the trigger. This will force the opossum to go around the cage if they want to get more food. The bait should encourage the opossum to touch the trigger. It is important to take note of the styles of the cage when buying them.

In the so-called Door 1 traps, the entrance is usually placed in the left side or on the outer edges of the cage. For a Door 1 type trap where the trigger is set on the inside, you have to place the bait on the far end of the trigger. For a Door 2 type trap, the door is usually found on the side of the cage. The entrance is in the middle of the cage. You have to set the bait at the middle in order for it to be effective.

Baiting Tips
Use a small amount of bait to lure the opossum inside the cage.

You have to keep in mind that other animals may also be attracted to the smell of the bait. This is why it is important to know the places where opossums frequently go. Other animals including your pets might also be trapped in the cage. Make sure that it is legal to relocate them after trapping them. There are state laws that prohibit relocation or putting down opossums since they are generally harmless animals.

If you are in doubt about what to do, you can always call an expert in pest control. They have the right tools, the right knowledge, and the right experience when it comes to eliminating pests.

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